Channel Manager Features

Streamline your reservation, availability, and rate management processes with our integrated Channel Manager. Effortlessly update all your booking channels in real-time from a single software solution. Enhance your property’s visibility and increase bookings by connecting seamlessly with major booking platforms, all while saving valuable time and resources. Expand your reach and maximize your property’s potential with our comprehensive channel management solution.

Channel Revenue Reports

Generate booking and revenue reports to identify how each channel is performing and improve your revenue management strategies!

Key Benefits:

Price Comparison Widget

Show your potential guests how much they can save by booking directly on your website! Display a compact and modern widget on the homepage of your booking web page that shows a price comparison between the OTAs and your website!

Featured Highlights:

Guest Reviews

Manage your property reviews in real-time and answer directly to your guests! Yes, you can message your guests directly from your website, thanks to our Instant Messaging feature!

Key Benefits:

Seamless Integration with Major Booking Sites

Connect your property with the world’s leading booking channels, increasing visibility and bookings. Our channel manager ensures your listings are synchronised across all platforms.

Key Benefits:

Automated Inventory Management

Automatically update your room inventory across all channels. Save time and reduce the risk of overbookings with our efficient and reliable system.

Featured Highlights:

Dynamic Pricing Strategy

Implement a dynamic pricing strategy that adjusts based on market demand, competition, and other factors. Maximise revenue with pricing that adapts to changing market conditions.

Main Attractions:

Detailed Performance Analytics

Gain insights into your property’s performance across channels. Our detailed analytics help you make informed decisions to improve your visibility and increase bookings.

Featured Highlights:

Centralized Reservation Management

Manage all your reservations from a single dashboard, regardless of where they were booked. Our channel manager simplifies reservation management, saving you time and reducing errors.

Top Features:

Direct Booking Support

Encourage direct bookings by seamlessly integrating with your property’s website. Benefit from low commission reservations and strengthen your direct relationship with guests.

Core Features:

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